Botanical Drawing: A Beginner's Guide, New Edition by Wendy Hollender


Botanical Drawing: A Beginner's Guide, New Edition by Wendy Hollender


“Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide” New Edition

For those who learn best by following one simple lesson at a time and drawing right next to it in the book, this is the book for you!

This new, updated edition of the best-selling workbook, “Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide” has been redesigned based on your feedback and the success of “The Practice of Botanical Drawing Printed Lessons.” The new format still provides drawing paper next to each lesson, but uses less paper and new binding to make the book more affordable and easy to use!

Info from previous edition below:

Learn to draw botanical subjects in colored pencil in this workbook-style book. The workbook is 26 lessons in graphite and colored pencil with blank drawing paper next to each lesson so you can practice right inside the book.

This workbook is 26 lessons in graphite and colored pencil. Each lesson will appear at the top of the spiral bound book and the drawing paper for lessons is included below. The spiral can be opened and closed to add and remove sheets. Refills of paper are available for purchase.

“Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide” and Botanical Drawing Sketchbooks" use a unique spiral binding that allows you to open the book to add and remove paper. You can purchase re-fills of  Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. hot pressed water color paper to use with both books.

Once you have practiced in the Beginner’s Guide with the paper in the book, I recommend you purchase the hot pressed watercolor paper to use for the color exercises. You can put the watercolor paper right inside the book and re-do the exercises on the good paper!

In the Sketchbooks you can take out finished work and put in new blank paper to continue re-using the sketchbook without having to get a new sketchbook or cut your finished art out of this book. You can also take out the sketch pages to display and then return them to the book!

Below are instructions on using this unique binding!

Enjoy your drawing experience, and don’t worry, you can easily change your paper!

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