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Hand Crafted Herbal Body-Care; Make Your Own Personal Care Products with Dina Falconi at Omega Institute

Looking for a better way to treat yourself and the planet? Whether you are looking to avoid the chemicals found in many products, interested in a zero-waste lifestyle, or simply enjoy making things yourself, you can learn how to create your own customized, nontoxic, personal care products perfectly suited to your needs. Using simple, pure ingredients that support the body, skin and hair, herbalist Dina Falconi, author of Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair, answers your questions and reveals the art and science of making home-crafted body-care products with her favorite master recipes that soothe, nourish and heal.

In this in-depth, hands-on workshop, you are guided step-by-step in practical ways to make healthy creams, salves, balms, herbal oils, face cleansers, mouthwashes, tooth powders, and more. Learn to create an individual skin, hair and body care plan for yourself, and practice doing a consult for a classmate.

Enjoy a luxurious herbal facial treatment from the items created in the workshop, and return home with product samples and the knowledge you need to continue creating your own natural and healthy personal body care products.

Photo of Calendula in the wild garden taken by Magda Durante

Photo of Calendula in the wild garden taken by Magda Durante

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