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Going Natural; Making Your Own Kitchen Cosmetics & Herbal Skin-Care Products

Forget shopping at the mall this holiday season. Give the people you love earth-friendly, skin-pampering creams, balms, and cleansers made in your own kitchen, and treat yourself, too!

“I love introducing people to the art and science of home-crafted body-care products,” says Dina -- and you’ll love the new health and radiance you’ll feel after using formulations made from healing and aromatic herbs. Enjoy the fun of creating items that you thought had to be purchased ready-made. Marvel at your financial savings. Appreciate the minimal impact on the environment. Dina -- using her favorite master recipes -- will guide you step-by-step in practical ways to make healthy creams, salves, balms, herbal oils, face cleansers, mouthwashes, tooth powders, and more. These natural body-care products -- unlike commercial ones -- work in partnership with nature to support the body, using simple, pure ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. They’re combined into formulas that enable your body to gently soothe, nourish, and heal. Discover for yourself --  and enjoy a luxurious herbal facial treatment from the items created in the workshop!

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