Oh yes, now is the time of year when warming herbal infusions, such as this Chicory Root Chai, make everything better. Tasty, heating, and nourishing, this brew is perfect for these super chilly winter days (record lows here in New York).The roasted chicory, (technically roasted root granules) produces a dark, smoky, bitter flavor that combines beautifully with the sweet, fiery, aromatic herbs and spices.

~ MADE WITH the following dried herbs: roasted Chicory Root Granules (1/3 oz. or 1 Tablespoon), 2" piece Cinnamon Bark, large pinch of Ginger, 7 green Cardamom Pods, small palmful Coriander Seeds, 3 Black Peppercorns, and 2 whole Cloves, small pinch of Marshmallow Root (softens) and small pinch Licorice Root (sweetens, harmonizes).

~ TO MAKE, place herbs into a quart mason jar. Pour boiling water over the herbs and fill the jar to the top. Cap tightly and let steep for 1 hour. Strain, gently reheat in a covered pot, and add warm cream or milk and honey if desired. When serving dust with nutmeg and stir in a drop of vanilla extract. Enjoy!

~ WHAT INFUSIONS are you enjoying lately?

~ PHOTO of our kitchen in winter: woodstove with broth simmering in clay pot = staying warm.

~ Roasted chicory root granules can be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs or Pacific Botanicals.